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Height: 5’ 3” | Age Range: 18-30 | AEA

Scenes from 71 Years Ensemble Golden Thread Productions Michael Malek Najjar
Dos & Don’ts of Time Travel Rachel Quantum Dragon Theatre Anna Smith
Great Expectations Estella/Biddy/Various Town Hall Theatre Company Dennis Markam
The War of the Roses Eleanor/George/Lady Anne(u/s, performed) California Shakespeare Theatre Eric Ting
Universal Robots Jo Quantum Dragon Theatre Sam Tillis
The Voices Aren’t Helping* Stacey Utopia Theatre Project Stephanie Prentice
Measure for Measure Escalus/Juliet (u/s) California Shakespeare Theatre Tyne Rafaeli
Beware the Killer Bees* Cary PianoFight: ShortLived vi Claire Rice
Spell Eternity* Gerda Quantum Dragon Theatre Sam Tillis
Twelfth Night Antonio Shakespeare at the Club Juliana Lustenader
Speed of Light Kip Quantum Dragon Theatre Sam Tillis
*Originated role
The Only Boat in the World Shazmo PlayGround M. Graham Smith
Every Beginning Young Sarah PlayGround Jon Tracy
At the Periphery Tamar Golden Thread Productions Evren Odcikin
Cleansed Woman The Breadbox Ariel Craft
Hecate Sophie SF Olympians Adam Odsess-Rubin
University of California, Berkeley ’16
Somatics for Actors: Feldenkrais Method
Acting Classical Plays: Ibsen, Chekhov, and Wilde
Acting Shakespeare
Francine Landes
Martin Berman and Deborah Sussel
Chris Herold
The Barrow Group Six Week Intensive
Scene Study, Monologue Study, and Script Analysis
Introduction to Theatrical Clowning
Introduction to Stage Combat
Seth Barrish and Lee Brock
Jean Taylor
Ron Piretti
Université Bordeaux Montaigne
Marionette: Theory and Practice Pascal Laurent and Aurore Cailleret
Classical guitar; Beatboxing; Conversational French (France); French accent; Irish accent; American Theatre Standard; Basic unarmed stage combat; Hand Puppetry and Marionette